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TU58 XXDP Image Files
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This directory contains bootable XXDPv25 TU58 DECtapeII image files of PDP-11 diagnostics.

For each image file (eg, 1134_1.DSK) there is a plain text listing (1134_1.TXT) of the directory of the image.

Each of the .DSK image files are exactly 256KB (512 blocks of 512 bytes) of data and are bootable on a suitably equipped PDP-11 and a TU58 software emulator package running on a host computer. Some examples:

For the details on running each diagnostic see PDP-11 Diagnostic Handbook as the definitive reference.

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[PARENTDIR] Parent Directory [BIN] 1104_1.DSK 2023-05-03 00:16 256K 11/04 CPU, M9312, memory diagnostics (TU58 disk image) [TXT] 1104_1.TXT 2023-05-03 00:16 1.9K 11/04 CPU, M9312, memory diagnostics (directory listing) [BIN] 1123_1.DSK 2023-05-03 00:16 256K 11/23 CPU-MMU-FPP, memory diagnostics (TU58 disk image) [TXT] 1123_1.TXT 2023-05-03 00:16 2.1K 11/23 CPU-MMU-FPP, memory diagnostics (directory listing) [BIN] 1123_2.DSK 2023-05-03 00:17 256K 11/23 KDF11 FPF11 diagnostics (TU58 disk image) [TXT] 1123_2.TXT 2023-05-03 00:17 1.8K 11/23 KDF11 FPF11 diagnostics (directory listing) [BIN] 1134_1.DSK 2023-05-03 00:17 256K 11/34 CPU, MS11-L diagnostics (TU58 disk image) [TXT] 1134_1.TXT 2023-05-03 00:17 2.0K 11/34 CPU, MS11-L diagnostics (directory listing) [BIN] 1134_2.DSK 2023-05-03 00:17 256K 11/34 FPP, M9312, memory diagnostics (TU58 disk image) [TXT] 1134_2.TXT 2023-05-03 00:17 1.9K 11/34 FPP, M9312, memory diagnostics (directory listing) [BIN] 1144_1.DSK 2023-05-03 00:18 256K 11/44 CPU, MS11-P diagnostics (TU58 disk image) [TXT] 1144_1.TXT 2023-05-03 00:18 2.0K 11/44 CPU, MS11-P diagnostics (directory listing) [BIN] 1144_2.DSK 2023-05-03 00:18 256K 11/44 FPP, CIS diagnostics (TU58 disk image) [TXT] 1144_2.TXT 2023-05-03 00:18 1.8K 11/44 FPP, CIS diagnostics (directory listing) [BIN] 11XX_9.DSK 2023-11-06 11:29 256K AK6DN's home grown memory, MSCP, M9313, other diagnostics (TU58 disk image) [TXT] 11XX_9.TXT 2023-11-06 11:29 3.0K AK6DN's home grown memory, MSCP, M9313, other diagnostics (directory listing) [BIN] 11XX_2.DSK 2023-05-03 00:19 256K DEUNA, DELUA diagnostics (TU58 disk image) [TXT] 11XX_2.TXT 2023-05-03 00:19 1.8K DEUNA, DELUA diagnostics (directory listing) [BIN] 11XX_1.DSK 2023-05-03 00:19 256K DL11-W, TU58, DZ11, MSCP, KW11-P diagnostics (TU58 disk image) [TXT] 11XX_1.TXT 2023-05-03 00:19 1.8K DL11-W, TU58, DZ11, MSCP, KW11-P diagnostics (directory listing) [BIN] 11XX_5.DSK 2023-05-03 00:20 256K RLV11/RLV12/RL11 RL01/RL02 diagnostics (TU58 disk image) [TXT] 11XX_5.TXT 2023-05-03 00:20 2.2K RLV11/RLV12/RL11 RL01/RL02 diagnostics (directory listing) [BIN] 11XX_4.DSK 2023-05-03 00:20 256K RX01/RX02/RX11/RX211 diagnostics (TU58 disk image) [TXT] 11XX_4.TXT 2023-05-03 00:20 2.0K RX01/RX02/RX11/RX211 diagnostics (directory listing) [   ] tu58em/ 2022-10-20 14:08 0 TU58 emulator page [BIN] 11XX_3.DSK 2023-05-03 00:20 256K UDA50/KDA50 diagnostics (TU58 disk image) [TXT] 11XX_3.TXT 2023-05-03 00:20 1.7K UDA50/KDA50 diagnostics (directory listing) [BIN] 11XXDP.DSK 2023-05-03 00:19 256K XXDPv25 only, with utilities (TU58 disk image) [TXT] 11XXDP.TXT 2023-05-03 00:19 1.7K XXDPv25 only, with utilities (directory listing)
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